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It's important to ensure that your home and yard are maintained while you are away so that it's not readily apparent when there is no one in residence.



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Wayde C. Gutman


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Weekly Inspection Service Overview


Security: Walk premises, checking security and overall condition.

Plumbing: Flush all fixtures filling traps and dry check for leaks. Run disposal, refrigerator water, and dishwasher.

Drip Irrigation: Run drip and check emitters; adjust flow for season. Minor repairs/replacements. Check for visible leaks.

Debris: Pick up and haul away. Light landscape trimming.

Weed Check: Light spray and pull only. We are not a professional weed service but will refer one on your request.

Pest Check: Treat wasps nests and ant hills. Termite check. Refer rodent problems upon request.

Golf Cart: Roll, charge and check water levels and tire pressure per your instructions. If you want the cart driven we can do that too.

Water Feature/Spa: Add chemicals, bleach tablets, bromine, etc. per your instructions.

Monitor: Water and electric meter readings.